Episode 1 – Let’s Do This

Welcome to the podcast. This project is all about trying to build better, more sustainable, more equitable campaigns and advocacy efforts. We’re going to go step by step, piece by piece, in what’s needed to get this done. I’ll post some notes and useful stuff up here on the site as we go, and invite you to comment and get involved in the conversation. God knows I am far from all-knowing, but I have a deep interest in this stuff and want to learn. So educate me, if I’m just being a moron.

This first show is an introduction to what we’re going to talk about, and just going over the basics of the basics – my general theory on organizing, the “Three Ps,” and writing up a basic strategic plan to get your operation moving. My plan is to run through a basic overview of how to build out a successful organization, and slowly blend into a show generally about political strategy and operations. I also solicited ideas for guests and topics so PLEASE suggest away.

3 Ps – Passion, People & Plan

You can see there’s overlap all over the place, and we’ll get to all of it, in time, but the basics are, you need to have all three to have an optimal and successful campaign. Sure you can still win without one of the Ps, but I’d argue it’s because of the choices of the opponent, not your operation. Again, I’ll argue my case in more depth over the coming weeks, but please discuss!

As for that basic strategic plan, answer:

Who: Who does this effort target. Who are the stakeholders and who is the perceived opposition?

What: What is your effort about? Basic mission statement. We aim to xyz – change a law, elect Mayor Quimby. Whatever it is. List it out as succinctly as you can.

Where: What geographic scope is this in? Local, state, national, campus, HOA.

When: What’s the timeline? What are the must-meet deadlines? Filing petitions? Filing registration paperwork? The end of a legislative session? Whatever the window of opportunity is, that’s what goes here.

Why: Perhaps the most important statement of the whole document, right here. What is your vision? Why does this need to happen and what will the world look like when it’s here? This is beginning of your passion drivers.

How: How the heck are you going to get this done? By votes? How many votes do you need? By signatures? How many? Maybe it’s a dollar amount if it’s not an electoral thing. How, in brief terms, is this going to happen.

Here’s a template you can download and fill in.

Anyways, thanks for being awesome. Please comment, share and subscribe if you enjoyed!

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