Episode 2 – Starting the Engines

For this episode we talked about how to identify people who will be essential to a successful effort, and how to get them involved. We also talked about what it takes to be a good organizer, and how to put those principles into play.

I’ve uploaded a template, as well, to help you work through finding the right folks

You can find that here.

Additionally, we went over the very basics of Asset Based Community Development, particularly the 4 Hs, Hands, Head, Heart and Human. Hands are anything you can do with them from building a house to playing instruments and writing. Head is anything you can do with your noggin. Strategic thinking, stories, information, etc. Heart is your passions. What you care about. And Human is your relationships including work, family and friends.



Finally, I’ve launched a forum for us to use, if you’d like, or feel free to email me any questions.

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